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TPI Stair

in Wood Replacement
Price : From 81.00 THB

TPI Dish Washing

in Oil Removal
Price : From 260.00 THB

TPI Cornice

in Wood Replacement
Price : From 35.00 THB

TPI Gro Organic

in Plant
Price : From 60.00 THB

Printemp Marie Rose Hand Wash

in Hand Wash
Price : From 59.00 THB

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Stop Global Warming using Chemicals, Build the quality of Human Life by use of natural TPI Organic fertilizer

Plaster in the Morning, Paint in the Afternoon, Move in the Evening

For Good Quality of Life and Natural Environment, TPI Fiber Board protects Fire and insulates Heat, resists acid and water with very good quality against termite attack giving you a durable scratch free beautiful surface. And it is very easy to clean.

Promote the healthy life with TPI Products which are free of chemicals and toxic ingredients

We build the future

TPI Polene's policy is to manufacture high quality products and cement that meet our customers expectation and continuously improve our quality control process.

TPI Polene (Public) Company Limited was admitted as a founding...

29 December 2017
TPI Polene (Public) Company Limited was admitted as a founding Corporate member of The World Cement Association that given under our hands on 28th December 2017

The World Cement Association is the only organisation that works...