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Fine powder mixed with water to apply a primer before the paint color. On the floor of the desired color. Use water to mix the prescribed ratio. And paint with paint brush or roller. Because there is a cement component. Therefore, adhesion to the mortar. Or concrete floor well. Abrasion resistant when applied with NP301 (Top Coat - Flooring). It adds durability and can be wiped clean.


  • Used as a primer on the surface to be painted. Both indoor and outdoor. The area is sidewalk, roads, stadiums and parking lots.


  • TPI Portland Cement Type 1 Cement according to ASTM C-150 and TIS 15-2547
  • Chemical additives such as additive properties of water. Additives, adhesives, etc.
  • Fine limestone crushed
  • Inorganic pigment


Surface preparation

  1. In case of strong surface does not slip, clean the surface to be applied. By removing dirt, stains, oil, dust, and anything that affects adhesion.
  2. The surface of floor is not strong enough then leave out.

- Extract the unhealthy part Until the surface layer is strong enough.
- If the repair area is 1-7 mm deep, repair with Super Skim Coat Hardening (M651).
- If the repair area is 7-40 mm deep, repair with Rapid Hardening Mortar (M601).
Then wait for about an hour to dry, then overcoat with TPI Super Armor Nano Paint - NP300 (Flooring).


  1. Mix NP300 (Flooring) 1 kg of hard-wearing primer with 0.65 liters of clean water, one third of water Mix well before mixing. Then add the rest of the water to the amount. Mix well and apply to general paint or spray application.
  2. Use a brush or roller to coat a layer, leaving it to dry for about 2 hours.
  3. Apply or paint over TPI Super Armor Nano Paint - NP301 (Top Coat Water) (Flooring). This can be used immediately. No more water or material. By choosing the same color number as NP300 (Flooring), one coat of hard-wearing primer will make the skin smooth, smooth and wipe clean.


Contain/ The quantity of water/ Estimated painting area*

1/4 gallon/ 0.65 liters/ 7 sq.m.
1 gallon/ 2.6 liter/ 28 sq.m.
5 gallons/ 13 liters/ 140 sq.m.

Note: * For one trip.
Drying time
Surface Dry Time/ Duplication Time
20-30 minutes/ 2-3 hours


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