Outstanding and unique due to bigger waves, which enhance the dimensions and details of the roofs after installations. Generating impressive looks to catch the eyes of the beholders.

The Attributes of TPI Concrete Roof Tiles | UTOPIA
1. With the solar reflective technology , the temperature under the tiles is lower than ordinary concrete roof tiles between 7-14°C and can reflect heat up to 81.6%
2. 2 deep lines of 3 levels leakage prevention (the leakage preventing systems are installed at the end of each tile).
3. Stronger central body (with 2 body lines that enhance the stability and endurance of the tiles).
4. Extra-deep side leakage prevention (the side leakage prevention helps prevent leaking problems occurred between the tile).
5. TPI Concrete Roof Tiles have high durability (produced with high quality materials under the guaranteed standard manufacturing processes).
6. Coated with special TPI Cement Color to extend the longevity and increase the structural stability of the tiles under all weather conditions.
7. The surface of the tiles is covered with the special clear coat (to improve the durability of the color against dust and sunlight).


Crystal Star


Alizarin Crimson
New Gamboge
Winsor Red
Burnt Sienna
Midnight Grey
Pearl White
Cloud Grey


Maple Leaf
Candy Red
Lemon Yellow
Sap Green
Cobalt Turquoise
Cobalt Blue

Technical information

Size 33 x 42 Centimeters
Minimum Roof slops 17 Degrees
Maximum Roof Slops 40 Degrees
Purlin Gap 32-34 Centimeters
Width after overlap 30 Centimeters
Quantity 10-11 Pieces/Square meters
Weight 4.2 Kilograms/Piece




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