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Nature of Business

The Company is principally engaged in the manufacture and supply of
cement, ready-mixed concrete and LDPE/EVA plastic resin, as well as other
businesses through associated companies for the manufacture and
distribution of ammonium nitrate and nitric acid, steel products and the
provision of life insurance services, etc.

All the Companyís cement products meet the ISO/TIS certifications of industrial standards, ASTM Industrial Standards and EU Industrial Standards.
TPI Polene is the first cement manufacturer in Thailand, to have been awarded ISO 9002 Certification from the International Standard Institute forsurpassing industrial and environmental

protection standards. This enablesus to export cement to California State,
where surrounding communities are highly aware of the importance
of environmental conservation.

With technologically advanced machinery, the Company currently
operates three cement production plants in a single and strategic location,
adjacent to a limestone quarry, and an efficient transportation distribution
network throughout the country. This gives the Company its low-cost
competitive advantage. In addition, TPI Polene is the 3rd largest cement
manufacturer in Thailand and has maintains the highest market share for
mortar cement in the domestic market. In addition, we have become the 2nd
largest ready-mixed concrete manufacturer in the country.

As for our plastic resin business, the Company has strengthened its
position as a leading player, with the largest market share for LDPE and EVA
in Thailand. We are the sole producer of EVA in Thailand-and one of the few
producers of EVA in the world-who can develop proprietary EVA production

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