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Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Low Density Polyethylene of LDPE is a type of polyolefin resins widely used for consumer product. POLENE LDPE has been classified to 4 grades for different application.


-Heavy Duty Grade-
EVA grades having unique properties of very low Melt Flow Index (0.25 to 0.75 g/10min) are practical for heavy duty applications which concern more elasticity e.g. stretch film, agricultural film, etc.

POLENE? JV1055 N8038F

-Film Grade-
EVA grades designed for blown film application eg. vegetable oil bag, cling film, etc.


-Multi Purpose Grade-
EVA grades having moderate MFI and high VA content are suitable for injection molding, hot melt adhesive component, film casting, etc.

POLENE? N8036 N8038 N8045

-Foam Grade-
EVA grades having quite low MFI and different VA content which control elasticity of foam. Mainly used to produce EVA foam.

LDPE & EVA Powder
TPI Polene also produces plastic resin in powder form which has various particle size and color, using for powder coating application and hot melt adhesive. In addition, we provide made-to-order color service for customer requirement.

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