TPI Blocks are new innovative products under the development of TPI Polene Public Company Limited for the purposes of construction and decoration. The blocks are manufactured by combining premium quality ingredients with TPI Portland cement. After being molded, the blocks are placed in an autoclaved system, the latest and most effective technology used in manufacturing lightweight blocks, so the results are high strength and durable blocks. Thus, users are reassured that TPI Blocks have finest quality and durability.


With high standard quality control, TPI Blocks are guaranteed with the industrial standard of TIS.1505-2541, which is certified by Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI). The logo is granted for autoclaved aerated lightweight concrete blocks that are warranted with international standards including:

BS EN 771-4

: Specification for masonry units

BS EN 772-1

: Determination of compressive strength

BS EN 772-13

: Determination of net and gross dry density

BS EN 772-16

: Determination of dimensions


TPI BLOCK , Guaranteed with the standard of G4, Strong, Durable and Premium Quality.


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